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Salute 2023 London Excel 22nd APR

We are back this year at Salute50. The gaming table is "Rebel escape!", a Star Wars based participation game using Galactic Heroes 2. It is opposite our trade stand, TC06 and the gaming table is GC05.

We are now starting show pre-orders (for pick up at Salute only). 10% off using the code Salute50 and choosing 'Salute pick up' in the postage options. Pre-orders will be open until Apr 17th which will give us time to sort everything out. 

Please bring your order confirmation with you to the show.

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Our gaming table is in the red box and is opposite our trade stand. Just turn right after Kaiser Rushforth after you enter and we're in the middle of the aisle, so please come and visit.

One of the show deals I'll be doing is 'Bargain boxes'. It's basically two boxes filled with unusable resin and off casts for a heavily reduced price.

There will be larger items individually priced and smaller bags of 'additions' that will be all the same price (basically the cost of the resin). The additions bags will be thematically sorted and most of the resin ranges are represented.

It's for the show only and won't be available in the webshop.

There won't be a list of what's there and it'll be a first come, first served basis.

Base bags.jpeg

Another show deal is that all the standard 2mm acrylic base bags are £1 (no minimum spend).

There will be plenty of stock but it's a first come, first served basis.

I'll have a list of the sizes (and amounts) available on the day which will be updated as best we can

There will be a few kits of these 'retro' tanks available on the day. 

The kit contains four wheels, two exhausts, one hatch, one gun barrel and one main hull.

Sales will be limited to a first come, first served basis but I'll try and cast up as many as possible for the day.


One more show deal for the list is that JA06 and JA12 will be on offer at two for £10. The kabuto decorations have proved popular in the past and they are easy to apply.

Snip/cut off the original decoration and apply the new one with a touch of superglue.

Simple and yet they can definitely change the appearance of a figure.

We are stocking the excellent Bloody Miniatures at Salute and there is a four packs for £30 show deal available on the day!

Bloody Miniatures Logo.jpg
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