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Welcome to the OSHIROmodelterrain webshop

update 1 JUL 2024

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- News -   < Jul/2024 >

  1. There are a couple of new entries in the medieval section of the webshop here

  2. All existing orders from when we were closed in June should be completed this week.

- News -   < Jun/2024 >

  1. We will be closed from Tuesday (4th June) for deliveries until the end of the month but orders can still be placed and they will be posted in July. OSHIROblog will be be regularly updated during this time though. All existing orders will be posted this coming week.

- News -   < May/2024 >

  1. The Gradara castle page has been updated with some photos from Salute 51. There will be more in due course along with a dedicated gallery page.

  2. The vast majority of orders are now complete and posted with only one or two to finish this week. Thank you for your patience.

  3. The 28mm Japanese village Kickstarter was a great success and the pledges will start to be shipped in August; thank you for your support with this project.

  4. There have been a couple of new releases in the 28mm Japanese additions section of the webshop here.

  5. I've started a blog here on the website which will hopefully include tutorials, wips, game reports and personal projects.


- News -   < Apr/2024 >

  1. A big thank you to the team for putting on the game at Salute on Saturday that won 'Best Presented Game'. Filippo and Fredrico from the Municipality of Gradara (special thanks to these chaps for coming all the way from Italy!), Masterstroke Games and History and Games Lab Productions.

  2. We will now be going through the orders placed over the past weeks and getting them out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


- News -   < Mar/2024 >

  1. As of March 15th the webshop will be closed for deliveries until April 15th. This is to allow time for the Gradara project to completed for Salute. Orders can still be placed as normal, I just won't be able to post until after Salute.

  2. The 28mm Japanese village Kickstarter is ready to launch on March 26th and will run until April 21st finishing at 1:00pm GMT. More info here

  3. The Kickstarter for the 28mm Japanese village is now live, funded and doing well. Still plenty of pledges left to choose from though.

- News -   < Feb/2024 >

  1. The 28mm Japanese village buildings have been taken from the website.

  2. There's a new building in the sci-fi building catalogue here

  3. I've added a rear terrace facade to the Victorian catalogue here

  4. There is a new update on the Gradara project page


- News -   < Jan/2024 >

  1. There is a new sensor dish in the sci-fi section of the catalogue here

  2. We have a couple of new entries in the Victorian additions section of the webshop here

  3. New sci-fi releases in the form of a cargo hauler and large container here

  4. There are another couple of Victorian releases here. Two chimneys, one large and one small.

  5. The Gradara project is back on and will be at Salute 51. Read more about the project here

  6. We will be re-releasing the 28mm village buildings so they have accessible interiors in late Feb/early March probably via Kickstarter. Read more about it here

Welcome to the OSHIROmodels webshop. 
OSHIROmodels webshop by OSHIROmodelterrain
We produce a wide range of quality miniature terrain in various scales and no job is too big or too small. 
Japanese, Chinese, Victorian, European, Sci-Fi and UrbanFuture scenery and terrain.

All our models are professionally hand made, moulded, cast, drawn and  3D printed (not necessarily in that order).
All measurements in the webshop are in millimetres. 
Our items are sold as unpainted unless otherwise noted - Painted buildings and terrain items are for illustrative purposes only and also
figures are for display purposes only.

Along with carrying out commission work we also offer a painting service for the products in the webshop; 
please email for enquiries.

By using this website and /or placing an order for items, you confirm your agreement to the Terms and conditions.
We stock the 28mm Gothic Horror figure range from Highgate Miniatures,
the VSF figure range from Red Planet Miniatures. The rules from Wiley Games are now stocked by C
aliver Books.
Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order.
Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for our latest updates.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us. 

Many thanks and enjoy your shopping.

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