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SFS01 / Tanker

An unpainted resin multi-part model of a space tanker consisting of an upper hull, lower hull, lower crew hull, engine block, clear flight stand (with brass rod) and either 3 storage tanks, 3 containers or 3 plain 'connectors'.


Three options are available, with storage tanks or without.


Scale is fairly agnostic but is mainly suitable for 1:144 and 1:270


Size: L165 x W46 x H41 (61 with cargo)

Base size: L100 x W40 x H50


'X-wing' and Bandai TIE for scale/illustrative purposes only

Cockpit window is painted on and the cockpit surface is lefft blank to allow for smaller cockpit glazing to be applied to fit your scale.

SFS01 / Tanker

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