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OSHIROmodels News History

< DEC/2023 >
Christmas postage time again. The Royal Mail dates are a little bit later than these but better to be safe than sorry.

UK will be 16th Dec

EU will be 11th Dec

The Americas and Canada etc will be 9th Dec

Australia, NZ and RoW will be 5th Dec

If you have a large or special order (painted items etc) then please let us know via email and we'll see what we can do.
< NOV/2023 > 
The successful KS, 'Modular Arabic Shrine', is now up for general release and in the webshop
There are a few more railway bits added to the range. A straight platform length and a coal staithe. The straight length and ramps are also available as a set here
There are a few new entries in the Urban Future section of the webshop here
< OCT/2023 >
The webshop is now open again and I am catching up with the orders placed whilst closed. Thank you for your patience.
​I have remastered the roof for JR15-02 and I've also got a small temple complex done. Both are available here
 <Sept/2023 >
The webshop will be 'closed' from Monday, Sept 4th. Orders can still be accepted but they will not be processed until the middle of October at the earliest. I am still contactable via email and if you have an urgent order let me know. The reason for the temporary closure is to crack on with the Gradara project. There will be quite a few new releases when the webshop opens again so watch this space.
  < AUG/2023 >
JA05 has finally been re-released and can be found here in the Japanese additions section.
I've added a ruined building and wall section to the Sci-fi buildings page.
There is a civilian speeder now available in the SFV section of the webshop.
  < JUL/2023 >
We are back and all orders received are currently being processed. Thank you for you patience :-)
There are a couple of new scatter elements in the sci-fi additions section of the webshop.
We have a new medieval building in the medieval catalogue.
There is another Gradara castle update on the Gradara page 
 < JUN/2023 >
28mm scale model of Gradara castle town for an event in Dec 2023. Updates to follow on the project progress page
We are away until Jul 5th. Any orders placed during this time will be sorted on our return. Thank you for your patience.
 < MAY/2023 >
OSHIROmodelterrain Kickstarter in Collaboration with Edinburgh University has successfully fulfilled.
Thank you to all who pledged! (21May2023)

 < APR/2023 >
There's a new VSF flying machine in the VSFV section.
I've added a small building to the sci-fi buildings section, it can be added to others for extra height.

<Mar 2023>
I've added a Victorian railway loading dock to the railway section of the catalogue.
There are some new figure base options in the MISC section of the webshop.
New cargo options are available in the sci-fi section of the catalogue.

<Feb 2023>  
We have some new additions in the VSFA section of the webshop
There are some new walls available in the sci-fi buildings section of the catalogue
New movement tray options are available in the Movement tray section
There's a new section in the Misc catalogue and they are terrain sabot bases
<JAN 2023> 
There are new fuel tanks and market stalls in the sci-fi catalogue.
Wave two for the medieval buildings is now available :-)
I've now added painted options for all the 15mm buildings in the webshop. Also, the normal walls are undergoing remastering and moulding and they'll be ready for the new year with new options available. I'll also have the 28mm yamashiro options
available in 15mm in the New Year.

There are a few new vehicles available in the sci-fi section of the webshop

 JUL 2022 - DEC 2022

I've got a new section in the Victorian buildings area and its for railway buildings. Just a small selection for now but there should be larger ones available before the year is out.
They all have removable roofs and can also be used as ancillary buildings in more urban layouts.


We have a new range available; Medieval!

There are two buildings in the range but these will be followed by others in the near future. All pre-orders have now been sent out. These are available for general release now. Thank you.

A simple gateway has been added to the 28mm Yamashiro section of the webshop. It comes with separate doors and wall supports which can be modelled open or closed.

There is now a complete Yagura (watchtower) in the Yamashiro section of the 28mm Japanese area of the webshop and it has a fully accessible interior.

We have added some decking base toppers to the Figure Base section of the Gaming Aids area in the webshop. They are 0.8mm white beech veneer and come in 20 & 25mm diameters.

Painted versions of all the 15mm Japanese village and post-town buildings are now available, please select 'Finish' in your shopping cart when purchasing and pick either 'Painted' or 'Unpainted'.

 JAN - JUN 2022

There is a new section in the Sci-fi area of the catalogue; Sci-fi spacecraft! There is only one for now but it is fairly scale agnostic and comes with cargo options (more of which will be available in the future).

We have some new deck items in the VSF section of the catalogue with more to follow in the future.

The 28mm yamashiro section has new wall entries and re-mastered originals to allow for interior access.

There are some new tokens and flight stands available in the Gaming Aids section. I've also sorted that section out to make it a bit more navigable.

We have a new hauler in the sci-fi vehicle section of the webshop. It's got a couple of load out options available or it can just be used as it is.

There is a new building in the Victorian warehouse section. It's a small church/temperance hall and like all our Victorian kits it comes flat packed with doors, windows and roof tiles supplied as well as the main parts.



Given the current situation there are a few points of note below;

Firstly, The UK has eased restrictions and there will be three or four trips to the post office per week.

Secondly, we won't be taking VAT from prices in the webshop because we are not at the UK VAT threshold      but...

Thirdly, the majority of prices throughout the webshop have been reduced and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

All sections have been updated with new prices, new pictures will be filled in as and when I get a chance.​

Please stay safe and thank you for your continued custom.

Given the current world situation there might be a delay with your respective postal services and final delivery. We ask for your patience during this time and if our situation changes then we will let you know as soon as possible.


   - 2020   OSHIROmodelterrain web history

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