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Well, not quite. It's a personal project that has been in the background for several years now and the idea is to have some manga/anime based games in a near future version of a Japanese metropolis; more than likely using the Wiley Games rules Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes. Some of you will have seen elements on this on my old blog and on the Lead Adventure forum. At the moment I'm not sure how I'm going to continue document it here but we'll see what happens.

First I'll show a little 28mm block of flats that was completed for the project a while ago. The walls are in two layers, the outer being acrylic and the inner being mounting card (to help with light blocking). The floors are also removable. The shop at the front is a ramen shop and there is lighting in the form of LED strip lights attached to the ceiling with a battery pack in the 'back room'.

Quite a few of the smaller bits on this are from the Urban Future range, which gets it's main inspiration from Japan. The ramen bar, stools and cooking gear are all scratch built along with the roof. Various types of paper were used in the windows to help give it a looked in feel. Paper was also used for the simple decor in the shop itself as it's a bit more forgiving than painting and there are some interesting textures on some of the paper.

The whole thing was sprayed with rattle cans and then given copious weathering with inks and pastels. The windows were left out and there is overspray in the upper floors but this shouldn't be a problem as the intention is to clad the interiors with paper rather than paint. There's probably still a couple of bits I want to do on it, like adding some fine cabling here and there and sorting out simple upper floors but it'll certainly do for the table top (if it ever sees it lol).

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