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Yamashiro wip 2

Here we are with the second instalment of the yamashiro demo board.

The groundwork was started out the front and most of the walls were primed. At this point I was waiting for the first simple gateway cast so I could include in the existing walls but I'd primed the walls I had to help visualise the project as a whole. The supporting earth bridges and moat edges were given a light sand to round the corners off and some filler was was added to the bottom corners for the same reason.

The groundwork is a mix of brown decorators caulk and fine sand. I used to mix some wood glue in there but found that it wasn't really needed. The brown caulk is useful as it's a good base colour to work from and can help to hide and areas missed with the ground colour. I used a large, round pointed spatula to apply the caulk over the main areas and then a smaller one for the more difficult to reach areas. Sometimes a good old finger comes in handy to help follow contours but it will need texturing afterwards though to remove the traces of finger prints :-)

The blue foam under the walls was coated with a thin layer of watered down wood glue to help prevent any potential off-gassing from the resin causing any damage. The intention was to stick them down with a hot glue gun and then blend the groundwork into them.

The base sides would be given a coat of the groundwork base colour; which I'll go over next time. There were a few gaps in the wall joins but these were easily filled after being primed with normal wall filler, the filled areas were then painted with a dark brown that matched the primer (Halfords camo brown spray paint).

As mentioned, it was just waiting for the simple gateway cast to appear before being able to carry on with the interior and blending and painting of the walls.

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