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Updated: May 19

Welcome to the new OSHIROblog. This is where old, current and new projects will be shown along with tutorials and painting guides.

The intention is to go into more detail about OSHIRO products and projects along with personal projects that don't usually get shown via the normal social media outlets. There will also be tutorials on making various items and models along with painting guides (of which I get asked quite often) and hopefully useful advice.

I hope to add posts every week or fortnight but that might of course change. There are tags to help navigate the posts in case you only want to see a particular type of project, range or tutorial etc.

Hopefully this will prove a useful resource for everyone who comes by. If there are any particular suggestions as to what posts could be about then do let us know.

Many thanks


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May 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Looking forward to see what appears here, I'm a definite fan of your stuff.

Given I already have some of your prepainted 28mm Japanese stuff and more on order from the Kickstarter a few tips on how to get the new stuff to look like the old stuff would be appreciated - paint colours, techniques etc.

If that's already online somewhere, and I've missed it, please point me at it.

Of course, being a notoriously slow painter, if you can say talk to these people and they may paint it for you for a fee that would be good too.

All the best with the blog.

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Replied :-)


May 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Stupendus! TBH, I thought you already had a blog. 😄

Replying to

Thanks. I used to but haven't updated it in years and it makes sense to try and keep everything in one place :-)

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