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New Japanese releases

First blog post of new releases and it's a couple of 28mm Japanese items. First off is a large notice board quite often found in towns and more urban areas of Japan. It allowed for the posting of multiple notices and of course this release has a painted option available.

The 'roof' is a separate element (which can be seen in the catalogue entry) but the actual notice boards are modelled in place. The writing is impressionistic of 16th Century Japanese script and should be read from right to left, top to bottom (not that what I've painted makes any sense whatsoever lol).

The second release is a large, 28mm Japanese yamashiro barrack block which should've been released a while ago (hence it's catalogue number) but there was a problem with the roof mould.

The roof is removable and there is a simple wooden floor inside. This is a command barrack block, hence it's size and it goes well with the other, smaller block already in the catalogue. At some point I intend to add to the yamashiro demo board (more on which later) with an area showing what the interior of a manned yamashiro could look like.

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May 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

They look great!

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Thank you :-)

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