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Yamashiro wip 3

And onto instalment three of the build.

The walls were painted (I'll be doing a tutorial on that process in the next month or so) and they were stuck and blended into the existing groundwork. The caulk/sand mixture was added and blended onto the base of a walls with a large spatula and given a slight texture with it, removing the visible marks of when it was applied.

The groundwork was painted with a warm brown/grey and then drybrushed with three different warm browns, getting progressively lighter in both tone and strength of the drybrush.

I tend to go heavier with the lighter colours where footfall would be increased, so towards the gate and the various doorways of the buildings inside (not that visible in these photos as the lighting was quite bright).

The simple gateway had it's doors hinged to help provide options during a game. I also do a tutorial on such things in the future

With pretty much everything in place and blended in the painting of the outside could begin as well. The same colours were used, again with heavier, lighter tones where the most footfall would be.

A lot of yamashiro would quite often have smaller scaled, bamboo fence palisades as part of the protection network (some were even just this on it's own) and so I've included a simple version at the front of the gate that acts like a barbican. I made it removable in case I want to make something a bit more substantial in the future.

There are two versions of the bridge into the yamashiro; one complete and the other with the top boards taken off. This was a common tactic and was an fairly easy solution to help prevent direct attacks on the doors without actually having to take the entire bridge down.

The parts for the complete option are shown below and I copied them (without the top boards) for the other version. Everything for the structure was pinned as they will be removable during play (and I can be just a little bit clumsy lol).

With the vast majority of the work now complete it was time for the part I find the most fun and that's the planting of the 'growies'.

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