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Some more Star Wars

For the campaign we've been playing (using Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes from Wiley Games) there are/will be several different planets involved; one of these is an a-typical forest planet.

We've used it for independent games on Endor in the past but I thought it would be good to have some non-Endor buildings for the setting. Having watched Disney's Visions animated series, the first episode from Season 1 gave the perfect inspiration.

Visions was basically a chance for some independent anime studios to have a go at telling a Star Wars story; the first of which, called The Duel, was set in a pseudo-Feudal Japanese world with a 'ronin' Jedi arriving at a village and ending up protecting it from local marauders.

Having fairly expansive ranges for both Japan and sci-fi it was the perfect opportunity to make some similar buildings that appeared in the episode. The ranges used are linked below and I've no doubt I'll be doing more in the future including the marauders main vehicle which was a scrap AT-AT body with a long structure along the top made to look like a Japanese kago (or palanquin).

The buildings were left fairly untouched with most of the details added on before painting. The bases were done in the same way as my previous Endor terrain (I might do a quick tutorial on this in the future). The watchtower was a complete scratch build, following the style of Japanese ones but using suitable materials.

I might also look at adding some suitable interchangeable details for the yamashiro build to make it fit in with these but I'm undecided yet as to which route to take. A simple landing pad is also needed and I have some drawn up that might make an appearance in the catalogue at some point

And so onto the pictures.

It's also been an opportunity to add some suitable figures and scatter terrain. I've had stormtroopers and rebels for a long time and so wanted something a bit different. The forest wampas are 3d prints along with most of the ewoks (including the Sith version) and the Jedi is a Perry figure from their samurai range. The smaller bits of scatter are from both the Japanese and Sci-fi ranges.

Galactic Heroes only needs a few figures per side (usually five but a few more occasionally) so this will make creating different 'gang's fairly easy. We will also be doing some encounter game where players will tackle beasts and other dangers on their own either having to achieve an objective or get to somewhere specific without dying too quickly.

Of course, the terrain can be used for Endor as well, representing a smugglers outpost that wasn't found by the Empire. I do have some Endor specific terrain that I'll make a separate post about. It includes a particular bunker entrance, various rock outcroppings and some very large tree trunks.

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6 days ago

Great mashup terrain.

3 days ago
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Thank you. I've got some plans to do more but as always, it's finding the time lol

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